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Big Rock Pays Tribute To Wild Canadian Winters With Lumberjack Pack

He came by Monday to find them whacked along with a nearly 75-year-old American Elm sawed off on one side. So whos the lumberjack? Its like a major mystery, said Clark. Electric company OG&E often trims trees, but there are no power lines near the trees. Workers say they didnt cut the trees. The city says it didnt either. It wasnt pruning, said Clark. It was a vicious attack to kill my trees. Whoever the vandal is ignored the trespass sign, drove up in the yard, cut the trees and cleaned up. Clark points out that sadly, sap is still fresh on the stumps, and police estimate at least $8,000 in damage. Im really mad, said Clark.
With regards to the exact earlier rendition specifically all of the additional image samples as well as online video, stop by http://kfor.com/2013/11/15/mystery-lumberjack-chops-dozens-of-trees-in-mans-yard/

Hot on the heels of a full fall brew lineup seriously, they had four new brews released since September: Life of Chai, Anthea Wet Hop Ale, the Monkeys Fist Royal http://www.sbwire.com/press-releases/post-woodworking-streamlines-custom-shed-creation-384916.htm IPA and the Gerstemeister Marzen Calgarys Big Rock has you set for winter with a trio of beers celebrating the glory of our natural back yard. The Lumberjack Pack is in stores now and offers three unique beers: The Spruce Goose, Hibernation and Twisted Antler. The Spruce Goose is flavoured with, you guessed it, spruce tips. According to press materials, this kind of thing has been done for centuries as a substitute for hops. In addition to the Chinook and Cascade hops, the Spruce Goose features Colorado and Engelmann spruce tips, plus some honey. The three malt varieties offer a dark reddish-amber. The Hibernation Ale is meant to represent the foraging hunger of the savage bear and what a bear may eat as it gets set to hunker down for the winter. This offers a wide range of flavours to the brew: Elder, Juniper, wild strawberries, dandelion rood, birch bark, maple sugar, rose petals and honey all combine for a complex brew. The Twisted Antler, despite its name, seems the more straight-forward of the three. This is a dark, dark ale, almost black and is flavoured with black licorice and Colombian coffee to pair with the four distinct malts. The Lumberjack Pack features two of each new beer and is in stores for a limited time. Get some to keep warm in the Great White North.
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Lumberjack Days will be 'Log Jam Days' in Stillwater

- The Stillwater City Council voted 4-1 Thursday to approve new plans for the city's annual summer celebration. It will be called "Logjam Days." Organizers say it'll "hopefully" be held on the third weekend of July and it will replace "Lumberjack Days." Four groups gave presentations to the Council earlier this week. The groups were Filo Productions of St. Paul, Genius of Fun Events of St. Croix Falls, Wis., and Minneapolis; Mid-America Festivals Corp. of Shakopee; and The Locals of Stillwater. The Council approved The Locals of Stillwater. The final contract with the group still needs to be drawn up and approved by the council. The last Lumberjack Days were held in July 2011. Organizer Dave Eckberg has been charged with 10 felony counts in connection with unpaid bills. (Copyright 2013 by KARE.
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