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Idaho Company?s Chain Saw Sharpener Gets Worldwide Acclaim

Picker has been described as ''very, very lucky'' after he came within centimetres of severing a tendon in his right knee when cutting wood at his parent's property near Bigga. It's a massive relief for the back-rower, who is on the lookout for a new club after Canberra told the Crookwell product this month he is no longer required. The 25-year-old underwent successful surgery in Bowral on Friday and returned home on Saturday night. However, Picker was forced to cancel his buck's party which was to be held at Wyangala Dam on Saturday night. ''The specialist said he couldn't be any luckier,'' said Grant Picker. ''Where the cut went through was just perfect, it just missed the tendon. It's a bit of a bummer. He was supposed to have his buck's party and all the boys were coming, everything got cancelled.'' He said his son remains bitterly disappointed he has been forced to leave the Raiders. Despite playing 110 games for the club, Picker wasn't afforded an official send-off after the last home game of the year. At the time the Raiders were still weighing up whether to keep him and other departed players were acknowledged, including younger brother Mick who played four games in 2011.
Regarding one particular initial edition particularly any other illustrations or photos and / or graphics, pay a visit http://www.canberratimes.com.au/rugby-league/league-news/chainsaw-cut-almost-takes-pickers-knee-20130928-2ulhk.html

"I would say it was both of us (who started the business)," Jeff Krantz says. "I found this idea, this entity, and I approached him and asked, 'Do you want to tackle this?' He says, 'Yeah, I think I'll take this on.' That was kind of the genesis of the project." Jeff Krantz says he wanted to make a tool that craftsmen would use. He also wanted to make it easy to operate. He thought at the beginning that the tool satisfied that desire. "But the one thing I didn't know, the one variable I wasn't certain of, was going to be how's it going to sell," Jeff Krantz says. "You can do marketing and research, et cetera, but until you actually have the product on the market, you never really know what the sales are going to be like." The sharpener's parts are manufactured in the United States and China. Phil Krantz speaks Mandarin, and he went to China to find fabricators. Once the parts are shipped to Idaho Falls, they are assembled by local employees. Customers have been happy with the product. Larry Randle, from New Mexico, uses the Timberline sharpener for personal and commercial use. He compared it with other methods of sharpening chain saws.
For the actual genuine form featuring any kind of additional pics and on-line video, check http://www.idahostatesman.com/2013/10/01/2791054/idaho-companys-chain-saw-sharpener.html

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